There are different martial arts program, each differs in training skills, discipline enforced, philosophy, and techniques. Some martial arts programs are competitive while others types are concerned with its philosophy. Certain rules guide competitive martial arts program while other types of martial arts program focus on sharpening and calming the minds of people. Both types of martial arts program confer protection to individuals that have enrolled in any of the classes. Such individuals learn how to defend themselves from any type of harm.

The recent security risks in different parts of the world have mandated the need for everyone to learn self-defense techniques. Prior to the selection of a martial arts school and commencement of martial arts training, it is important to select a martial arts environment that is in consonance with your personality, physical tendencies as well as philosophy. There are several styles and variations in martial arts technique. It is important to select the style and variation that best suits you. Sometimes, people get tired of searching for the right style and variation. Such people should continue searching…it is never advisable to settle for less.

Mastering the skills to defend yourself gives you confidence and a certain level of protection. You can walk around different streets and neighborhoods knowing that you have the required skills to defend yourself if harm comes your way.

There are certain tips that can help you choose the right martial arts program, these tips include the following;

  • Individuals must be aware of their physical limit prior to choosing any type of martial arts program. This is very important; some people get exhausted after walking through the parking lot while some can easily trek for more than 4 miles.
  • Individuals must set their priorities before choosing any martial arts program. Your priority will determine the type of martial arts style or variation to opt for. For instance, the priority of some set of individuals is to master self-defense skills while other prefer to master mastering self-discipline skills. For some it might be the drive to compete.
  • You should write out things likely to interest you during your martial arts training session. Some are interested in meditating while some are more concerned with wielding weapons or lectures on the history of the chosen technique of martial arts.
  • Individuals should list out the goals they hope to achieve from enrolling in a particular martial arts program. It is also important for individuals to be specific about these goals.
  • The next tip is to search for the martial arts program that fits into all you have set apart.

These tips will ensure you choose and make the best of your martial arts training experience.

The term self-defense is often described as the use of physical and direct force to counter any form of violence or threat. Unarmed or armed physical forces are common forms of self-defense. The chances of successfully counteracting the immediate threat depend on a wide range of factors, depending on how severe the threat is. Gracie Hemet’s martial arts program for kids teaches kids important moves required for their protection.

Gracie Hemet has developed a martial arts program for kids that focus on the development of vital self-defense skills. The program also helps kids to develop characteristics required for their development and empowerment. Gracie Hemet’s self-defense class for kids provides effective and practical defense skills. Our martial arts program for kids teaches children how to protect and defend themselves from bullies of any size or body weight.

Gracie Hemet’s martial arts program for kids concentrates on teaching children non-violent ways to resolve conflicts. Our martial arts program teaches kids to focus on the development of positive characters such as courage, self-respect, responsibility, self-discipline, leadership, and teamwork. We use a system of techniques that can help kids to protect themselves from the recent increase in bullies in our society. Gracie Hemet self-defense program for kids teach different striking, wrestling, jiu-jitsu, and other techniques.

Our curriculum uses the principles of jiu-jitsu coupled with other elements to bring out the best in kids. The curriculum is relatively simple; our kids enjoy practicing the different self-defense techniques with their friends and instructors at the academy. Gracie Hemet instructors teach kids self-defense techniques in a friendly and exciting way.

Gracie Hemet martial arts program for kids is suitable for kids between the age of 5 to 13 years. Our martial arts program for kids has one of the best curriculums when it comes to self-defense techniques. Kids develop themselves in our academy by establishing a rigid foundation in all types of self-defense skills such as jiu-jitsu, wrestling, amongst others. The importance of martial arts elements in the life of kids is essential to mastering self-defense skills.

Gracie Hemet academy has professional instructors that teach children how vital the practicality of self-defense is in today’s society. We understand that some of these techniques are detailed and complicated, which is why we designed the structure of our classes to enhance and facilitate learning in kids.

Gracie Hemet’s martial arts program teaches kids to defend themselves from threats with practical and effective techniques.

Gracie Hemet’s martial arts program for kids teaches them the basics of self-defense. Most parents are worried about the recent increase in the number of bullies in schools and neighborhoods. Considering the fact that they cannot always be there to protect their kids, they choose to enroll them for martial arts training. Martial arts training help kids to defend themselves when confronted by bullies.

There are many classes organized by Gracie Hemet to enable kids defend themselves when confronted by different threats. There are also different types of martial arts that can help your kids defend themselves. Some of them include the following;

  • Taekwondo: this type of martial arts lays emphasis on teaching self-defense skills. It also teaches kids how to exercise self-control this is a good martial arts program for aggressive kids. This type of martial arts program teaches kids the 6 tenets they must adhere to in their daily activities. There are different Taekwondo belts, the white belt is for beginners, the black belt is for masters of the martial arts skills, while other colors such as yellow, blue, red, and green are for intermediates.
  • Karate: This traditional martial arts program teaches kids to defend without using any form of weapon. Kids learn to defend themselves by striking, defensive blocking with legs and arms, kicking, and other techniques. Kids learn self-respect and positive mental attitude from this martial arts program.
  • Judo: this martial arts program entails the use of different flashy moves. It is an effective training for the development of all round physical fitness, balance, posture, stamina, and strength. Different belts worn in this type of martial arts program include; the white belt is for beginners, the black belt is for masters, while other colors are for intermediates.
  • Aikido: this type of martial arts is not violent; it teaches kids to avoid confrontation. Kids learn an ancient samurai move to combat direct force from an attack. Beginners start from the Kyu grade at the white belt level, then progress to yellow, orange, green, blue, and brown belt stages. The Dan grade involves different black belt stages, it is more difficult compared to the Kyu stage.
  • Kung fu: this is a popular type of martial arts program, the term Kung fu means “achievement via great effort’. It teaches kids how to defend by throwing kicks and punches at specific pressure points on the body of the opponent.
  • Jiu-jitsu: the term “jiu jitsu” means gentle art. It teaches defense by the use of hand-to-hand combat without any form of weapons. It lays emphasis on mind and body development in kids. Kids learn to control their frustration and anger, they are taught to use force only during self-defense.

Martial arts training is the best way to teach kids how to defend themselves from imminent threats.

Gracie Hemet offers different martial arts program for kids, the choice of martial arts program depends on the preference of the parent. Some of the common martial arts program available at Hemet’s academy includes Brazilian Jiu jitsu, Kung fu, Karate, and Taekwondo. Martial art is a popular program that children enjoy doing. Martial arts boost self-esteem and self-respect in kids. Martial arts teach kids about life’s important lessons. Hemet’s martial arts program for kids is suitable for hyperactive, bossy or timid kids. It instills good habits and positive attributes in kids, they learn to be independent and focused.

Hemet’s mixed martial arts program is beneficial to the positive development of children. Some of the benefits children stand to gain include the following;

  • Martial arts calm kids and teach them how to concentrate. Kids of today hardly find solace in silence and calmness. Martial arts teach kids that there is more to life than sitting in front of the computer all day long. Martial arts classes don’t have distractions, thus kids learn to be focused and find solace in silence.
  • Martial arts help children to live a healthy and active lifestyle. This is a vital reason why mixed martial arts programs for kids are necessary. It helps them to be physically fit, obese kids lose weight quicker when they enroll in any of Hemet’s available martial arts program compared to daily exercises. Martial art training is demanding physically, kids must be active to keep up with the various drills and training skills.
  • Martial arts teach children to connect their body to their mind. Hemet’s martial arts academy train kids to pay attention to body cues. Listening to body cues enables them to have an increased awareness about emotional construct. Children learn to feel, see and listen externally and internally. Heightened awareness of your body allows you to tap into courage, intuition and fear. Thus, kids can learn to face their fears with martial arts training.
  • Hemet’s martial arts program teaches kids to resolve conflicts. Despite learning different self-defense skills, kids will never start a fight. In fact, they would rather resolve matters without physical combats instead of throwing punches. When bullies confront them, they defend themselves. Kids with the knowledge of martial arts are confident and can defend themselves from bullies. Kids can also defend their friends from bullies.
  • Kids learn to socialize and relate with other kids from other backgrounds. Some kids may make friendships that will last for a lifetime. They also learn to respect kids and instructors from diverse cultural backgrounds.
  • Martial arts teach kids to support each other and strive to overcome life’s challenges; they learn to strive to achieve their set goals.

Parents can choose any of the available mixed martial arts program to bring out the best in their kids.

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