It is a totally exclusive teaching module of our school. It is aimed at the beginner, as he will learn the fundamentals of jiu-jitsu in a safe and comfortable environment. In this period of learning, there is no actual dispute. This allows you to focus on the techniques you are learning with much more peace of mind.

The self-defense movements, thinking, fighting and sequential movement combinations bring a unique dynamic to one of the academy's most successful classes.

This phase takes 60 lessons to complete, and you are ready to enter the intermediate module and with 2 degrees in the white range.

The schedule grid is made for you to not have to say that you do not have time, there are 18 weekly hours only for beginners within a table of classes with more than 100 lessons per week.

The best methodology in the best jiu jitsu academy in the world, be very welcome!

For more information kindly contact a representative at Gracie Hemet Academy.